Catalytic Fund Project

  • Consultants for " Breaking down the barriers for human rights in Nepal" visited NFWLHA office and had an indepth discussion on Human Rights scenario of PLHIV and KPS in Nepal.

  • Paralegal Training

  • Celebrating Women's Achievements and Honoring Journey of Women Living with HIV/AIDS in Nepal

Projects Highlights

Status: Our projects

Start Date: 16th March, 2021


Introduction:The overall objective of this project is to reduce stigma and discrimination towards the key
affected population and to remove human rights related barriers related to HIV and TB. The
specific objectives of the project are to empower marginalized communities and empower
women from this community technically and educationally to enable them to seek help and
service when facing violence. The project will also aim to encourage the community to advocate
and support the members when faced with such violence.
Major activities of the project will focus on conducting community mobilization workshops for
different community members and forming/strengthening support groups in avoiding harmful
stereotypical practices. The project will advocate and lobby to all committees at all levels of
government for structural support to encourage participation of women from marginalized
  Project Aim:  Is to "Reducing Human Rights related Barriers in HIV/TB Services and COVID-19"
  1.  Area 1 ( Reduction of stigma and discrimination related to TB and HIV)
  2.  Area  3 ( Mobilizing, empowering patient and community group).
  3. Covered 35 district and 7 provinces

Major activities carried out under this project are as below:

  1. Rregular support groups of HIV key population and TB affected population
  2. Interaction with concerned authority in districts on the reported incidents
  3. Coordination meetings with district stakeholders, police personals and legal aids
  4.  KPs supported with Treatment cost support including support
  5. Capacity development trainings 
  6. GBV orientation in holding center