National Consultation of women Living with HIV setting pace and addressing urgency

Realizing the urgency to address the issues of Women living with HIV and AIDS, NFWLHA conducted a three days National Consultation of WLHIV from 28th to 30th November 2022 in Sauraha Chitwan. NFWLHA invited 42 women and young girls living with HIV from 7 provinces of NEPAL for the consultation program. The main objective of the consultation meeting was to prepare “statement” based on issues and needs of WLHIV and identifying priority areas for further advocacy and new program proposals NFWLHA hired Advocate Ms. Indu Tuladhar as consultant for the consultation meeting. After the intense discussions, group works and their findings, NFWLHA prepared a statement of women and young girls living with HIV through the support of Catalytic Fund and Covid19 in Year II.