"Gaatha" the untold stories

As Youth Living with HIV (YLHIV), and Children Affected by AIDS (CABA) in Nepal required a specific platform only meant for them which helps them in their overall growth and development of skills and knowledge, 'Gaatha-the untold stories' came into formation on 2021 which targeted these group. This is an online platform led by the youth associated with National Federation of Women Living with HIV and AIDS (NFWLHA) which is formed by and for youth with an aim to provide a space where the CABA youth and YLHIV receives various opportunities which directly enhances their overall capacity, growth and development both on personal as well as professional level.

This platform was created with the focus to highlight the overall problems of YLHIV, success stories, and children-based activities, and other related social issues of CABA, CABA Youth. It is an expressive and non-judgmental social media platform which allows vertically transmitted CABA and CABA Youth to enable them to share their feelings and raise their voices against stigma and discrimination. Likewise, this platform also allow them to be informed about sex, sexuality, human rights, all forms of violence, and prominent knowledge about HIV and AIDS. Moreover, through success stories shared by People Living with HIV and AIDS (PLHIV) the involved youth in this platform are motivated.