National Federation of Women Living with HIV and AIDS (NFWLHA), formerly known as the Women’s Network against HIV & AIDS (WONAHA), was initially established as a loose network in 2006 and was legally registered in 2007 with a vision to create a just and equitable society environment.

NFWLHA works in all provinces for the equal rights of infected and affected women and children’s along with the Youth who are in risks of HIV in today’s context.

Our goal is to sustain empowerment and give the rights to children, Youth and Women in the society by creating a friendly environment.


  1. Meaningful involvement of WLHA in the national response to HIV and broader women movement so as to influence and decision making process that affects their life.
  2. Strengthened competence of community based organizations leads by WLHIV and the federation.


Strategic Intervention to Achieve Results

  1. Strengthening or capacity development of the network.
  2. Knowledge management for evidence based Policy Advocacy
  3. Community System strengthening.


Guiding Principle

  1. Gender Equality and Human Rights
  2. Equitable access to comprehensive and quality HIV services
  3. Centrality of W/GLHIV
  4. Evidence informed planning and programming
  5. Policy influencing and evidence-based advocacy)
  6. Participatory decision making
  7. Women and youth leadership
  8. Partnership/membership, collaboration and networking
  9. Right to privacy and confidentiality respected and maintained
  10. Self-determination; and understanding our issues using a women’s rights and feminist lens and ensuring feminist principles govern how we operate
  11. Acknowledge, accept and represent the diversity of women living with HIV
  12. Critical Reflection and Commitment
  13. Equitable distribution of responsibilities
  14. Commitment to women’s rights
  15. Respect for every person’s dignity
  16. Respecting Individuality